Shipping Policy

  • Normal shipping times for a product are between 4-6 business days from fulfilment date. (Shipping times may vary due to the current COVID-19 pandemic)

  • Holidays will cause a slow down due to the mail rush. All major holidays causing postal closures will create a two to three day delay.

  • Orders placed outside the United Arab Emirates will be shipped with DHL.

  • Shipping Fee is automatically calculated by DHL at the time of checkout based on the weight and location of the order for orders outside the UAE. Shipping fees are to be paid by the customer.

  • Orders with the value amount of 1000/AED and above require additional documentation per UAE Federal Tax Authority, the customs export declaration certificate. To prove to FTA the reason of tax exemption for orders delivered outside of the UAE. An additional fee of 130/AED will be charged to cover the fee of the document for orders outside of the UAE with the value amount of 1000/AED and above.

  • No taxes will be applied to the purchase of goods from the website, for orders delivered outside of United Arab Emirates.

  • Coffee Beans are the only items currently available to purchase for orders with delivery locations outside of the UAE.

  • Generally the maximum weight allowed to import is 4kg for food items to be considered personal consumption for country import regulations in the GCC. Maximum weight of 4kg will be applied for orders delivered outside the UAE.