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Beanbag is passionate about crafting fun and indulgent snacking experience that you will not find elsewhere. Their one-of-a-kind snacks are made from real, clean yet simple ingredients. They are delicately formulated to bring a balanced nutritional value, and happiness without compromising quality.

Beanbag Snack Bundle

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Your favorite healthy snacks from Beanbag bundled together


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Acai and Mixed Almond, 35g

Hot chocolate flavored with cashew and dried cranberries.

Quinoa and Mixed Nuts, 35g

Thai coconut BBQ sauce with cashew, peanut, and coconut chips

Chia Seed and Cashew, 35g

Vanilla lavender flavored chia seed and cashew

Try all flavors of organic mixed nuts from Beanbag


Vanilla Lavender
Hot Chocolate
Thai Coconut BBQ Sauce

Try all flavors of organic mixed nuts from Beanbag

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