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AlterNativa3 is a cooperative that manufactures organic Fairtrade products. Our goal is to offer high-quality, responsible, and sustainable alternatives to every-day consumption products, especially coffee, cocoa, and sugar. We roast our coffee with love, selecting the best coffee beans from small cooperatives of producers from very different origins: Colombia, Mexico, Tanzania, Brasil, Uganda

Peru ground Organic Coffee BIO-FT (250g)

AED45.00 AED31.50

Ecological Fair Trade coffee with natural roast


100% Arabica

A very balanced coffee, with a mild aroma

A full-bodied and balanced coffee. Low acidity and intense aroma. With a pleasant aroma of cocoa and fresh grass and subtle floral touch.

Product Features:

Aroma – 7/12

Bitterness – 5/12

Acidity – 3/12

Intensity – 7/12

A very balanced coffee, with a mild aroma

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