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Café Saula is a family-owned business from Barcelona Spain, specialized in premium coffee-making since 1950. Their multiple awards are a testament to their ability to create truly great coffee with superior aroma, taste, and color.

UNO Organic Bundle



Premium UNO Organic 100 Capsules

Meticulous selection of four varieties of Arabica coffee from small mountainside plantations, grown with organic methods. The best berries from each crop. The “Organically Farmed Coffee” stamp guarantees that the crop has been grown in the country of origin without chemical fertilisers, using biological methods that help to care for the environment.

Capitani Italia Coffee Machine

ESPRESSO FASTBACK MACHINE  is an ideal coffee machine made in Italy to enjoy in your home an authentic espresso. It is easy to use. Amount of coffee inside the cup can be programmed automatically using the touch control panel.

Saula Coffee Biscuits, 75 Pieces

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Recommended for good coffee lovers

  • 100 Organic coffee capsules (value 197 AED)
  • 7 gr coffee per capsule
  • Capitani coffee machine (value 459 AED)
  • Saula Coffee Biscuits, 75 Pieces



  • Espresso Point System
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Nespresso system
  • 2 doses of coffee. Espresso and long coffee
  • Automatic shutdown system for energy saving
  • Small size
  • Made in Italy

Recommended for good coffee lovers

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