The Wellness Nutrition Co is an Importer and distributor of all-natural, raw organic and non-GMO certified snacks and products.

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The Value We Deliver

We are Committed to offering the Highest Quality and Delivering the Greatest value in our Products

About Us

The Wellness Nutrition Co is an Importer and distributor of all-natural, raw organic and non-GMO certified snacks and products, personally selected to support our health-conscious community who are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our quest to find the healthiest products for our customers has been the driving force behind our company.

We live by one simple philosophy: One Life, Real Food, Real living.

We are dedicated to distributing only unique foods, which are indulgent and made with only real ingredients. We source mainly whole foods that are free of additives, preservatives, trans-fats, and artificial ingredients. If it’s not real we don’t use it!

We strive to partner with those manufacturers who share our same philosophy of bringing exceptional quality products and service to the natural foods and health marketplace. We work hard to find those products that you will enjoy and that meet our goals. We strive to bring you the best organic whole food products and natural offerings available along with a commitment to quality and value in our products and services.

Brand Management

We specialize in International Certified Organic natural food, snacks, health products and private label exclusive only to us and through our distributor agreements. We currently supply supermarkets, coffee chains and franchises, health clubs, hotels, restaurants, health food stores, drug chains, petrol stations, airlines and airport duty free. We only focus on unique brands that stand out in the market and provide retailers with category expansion opportunities.

Agency Representation

WNC has established itself as the go-to agent within the Middle East region for those companies looking to gain a foothold without the investment of setting up a physical office within the region. With a deep understanding of the local and regional business terrain, providing due diligence on potential opportunities thereby giving you the added advantage of launching and establishing your brand within the middle east region while mitigating financial risk.