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Gran Espresso Premium Bourbon Beans 500g.


100% Arabica / 500 gr. Whole Coffee Bean



An exclusive 100% Arabic blend containing 50% of the Bourbon variety. The result is an exceptional coffee with a strong aromatic character.  This blend has an intense flavor and a good body, combining to create a delicate taste.  Its sweet aroma has notable hints of  nuts, chocolate and caramel.

Origins: Central America, South America and Indonesia.

Ideal preparation method: Moka, Espresso, French Press, filter coffee, super-automatic coffee machines.

Conservation: Packed in a hermetic container with one-way degassing valve. The cans are 100% recyclable, they can be reused or deposited in the packaging container


The Bourbon variety is one of the oldest and most legendary subspecies of Arabica coffee in the world. It was introduced by the French in 1708 on the Reunion Island, called Bourbon till this moment. The coffee tree was later exported to Brazil in 1800 adopting the name of the island.

Today there are few coffee trees of this variety, so it’s a highly appreciated coffee. Café Saula has created Premium Bourbon by combining the Bourbon subspecies with Central American and Indonesian Arabicas, thus producing a unique and different blend.

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