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Gran Espresso Premium Organic, Whole Bean Coffee, 500g


100% pure Arabica. Premium espresso

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A meticulous selection of Arabica coffee from small mountainside plantations, grown with organic methods. The best berries from each crop.

The “Organically Farmed Coffee” stamp guarantees that the crop has been grown in the country of origin without chemical fertilizers, using biological methods that help to care for the environment.

100% Arabica / 500 gr. whole coffee bean

Caffeine: 1.2% approx.

Organoleptic properties:

Fruity and floral. Intense and distinguished aromas. Medium body.

Floral top notes that are reminiscent of orange blossom, and citrus fruits, lemon. Cereal back notes.

Fruity mouthfeel, intense with high acidity. Thick crema. Prolonged aftertaste and extremely balanced.

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